Being a design director and front-end developer my responsibilities included the creative and production of online projects, the development of campaigns and overseeing the quality of work that leaves the creative department. I am also accountable for the style of websites, it's editorial voice, content programming and production. I work closely with back-end coders and designers from client-side or inhouse helping them provide the best possible information to the target audience. I have experience building large, consumer-focused and business to business content sites. I also build all types of online banner advertising including sync'ed, video and expandable banners with experience in all major delivery companies such as Eyeblaster, flashtalking and Tango-zebra. I brain storm ideas on campaigns and scamp or mockup mac visuals helping the accounts team pitch for clients seeing through the whole process from start to finish.

I normally create W3C compliant websites using html (xhtml), css and javascript which are SEO friendly unless the project requires a total animated flash solution. I am fluent in writing html without using a WYSIWIG editor like dreamweaver and competent with javascript or jquery adding motion and flare to static pages. I also have simple php knowledge and have worked with concrete 5 and wordpress CMS systems.

Flash is also a major part of my projects as I create alot of banner advertising so I am competent with actionscripting but my main strengths lie in timeline animation.

Having studied 2 intensive courses on FCP and After effects I am also confident with video media within the web environment. Banner advertising and websites are consistently raising the game and video plays a major part in the development.

Having graduated from Reading University UK in Typography and Graphic Communication, print is where I started my career and worked as a graphic designer for 5 years before specialising in online media. Although this maybe the case I still have a passion for anything printed weather it is a simple direct mailer or a fully fledged annual report. I believe that it is an idea that drives any creative forward weather it is TVC‚s, online viral campaigns or printed materials these are all but a medium to express and stage the creative. Being an all-rounder and able to adapt and understand each medium is of importance.